Places To See In Yosemite- #1 The Yosemite Valley Visitor Center

Yosemite Valley Visitor Center- The Place Begin I recently had the honor to stay and work in Yosemite Valley for several weeks. My task was to assist visitors by answering questions. Most of the questions involve directions and ideas on how to best spend their time in the Valley. I learned that many of the [...]

Awesome Golden Trout Lakes Of The Eastern Sierra

Want To Learn The Best Places To Catch Golden Trout In The Sierra ? If you are an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, back-country lover and a  trout fisherman you really should check out Awesome Golden Trout Lakes of the Eastern Sierra membership site. This membership site was designed by and for the backpacking trout fisherman who is looking [...]

Golden Trout on the Fly -A Backpacker’s Quest

Golden Trout on the Fly -A Backpacker's Quest Jake Forsline, of, heads deep into the backcountry on a quest to find Golden Trout. -10 days, 100+ miles, 50 lb pack, no fuel(only a simple wood burning backpacking stove), and 1 trusty fly rod(Loop Cross S1 5wt / Loop Evotec G4 reel).

Fly Fishing for Golden Trout in the High Sierra of California

Fly Fishing for Golden Trout in the High Sierra of California Two of my best friends and I made it a point that by the end of the summer we would take a couple day trip to pursue our gorgeous state fish: the California Golden Trout. The setting would take place high up in the [...]

Cottonwood Lakes Golden Trout Fishing 2014

Cottonwood Lakes Golden Trout Fishing 2014 Five buddies backpacked over 2 days and 11,400 ft. to Cottonwood Lakes CA to catch Golden Trout. Their hike started at Horseshoe Meadows Trail head just outside Lone Pine CA. Music: Eddie Vedder (Hard Sun, Setting Forth, Society & Rise) One Republic (Good Life) Mercy Me (Greater)

Stalking A Rainbow Golden Trout HD

Stalking A Rainbow Golden Trout HD Had to re-upload for HD quality. The next video was supposed to be an hour long documentary on my Panama trip last January & near the end of completion my film editing software froze on me & after a force quit & restart my project disappeared. I spent many [...]

Golden Trout- Liquid Gold

Golden Trout- Liquid Gold Liquid Gold is an adventure into the High Sierra in search of California Golden Trout.

Yosemite Pioneer Cemetery

  Yosemite Hidden Secrets The Yosemite Valley Pioneer Cemetery While not exactly hidden and secret, the Yosemite Valley Pioneer Cemetery remained unknown to me even after several summer vacations spent in the valley. It was only during one of my first winter visits to the valley that I first learned about it while browsing through [...]

Baxter Pass

Baxter Pass - The Loneliest Pass In The Sierra Just North of Independence, Ca. There is a dirt road that runs West towards the Eastern crest of the High Sierra. Chances are good that you won't see any other vehicles on this road.  It is rarely traveled. At the end of this road [...]

Shepherd Pass